Welcome to Our First Blog

Hello, and welcome to Front Street Animal Hospital. This is our first installment to our blog. Moving forward, we hope to provide helpful informational tidbits,  success stories and even more importantly, an emotional look into the world of veterinary medicine at our down town clinic. Follow along, even if you aren’t a client – there is something for everyone.

Our staff recognize the special bond you have with your pet because we have our own. We come to work everyday to provide the same love, care and support to our patients that we want for own pets.

“They are not just animals”

Pets have always played an extremely vital role in our lives. They are not just animals. Our furry family members are always there for us. With a gentle wag of their tail or re-assuring purr, we can be instantly relaxed, comforted, and energized. They are always sensing our emotions; making us feel better when we’re in pain, and sharing our excitement when we are happy. 

An so we must do the same for them! We watch their behaviour, looking for signs of their needs. Your dog gets restless and keeps looking at the door, and you know he needs to go out. Likewise, if your cat rubs against your calf, you know he wants to be pet. Giving your pets the things they want, and need is one of the most gratifying experiences. But what do we do when we can’t read our pets’ behaviours?

That’s where we step in. At Front Street Animal Hospital, we are here to help you read those changes in behaviour. It’s our job to interpret how your pet is feeling and to help them live a stress and pain free life.

“Just like you, annual visits to the doctor, a healthy diet, and regular exercise is important.”

Taking steps to prevent your pet from getting sick is key. Just like you, annual visits to the doctor, a healthy diet, and regular exercise is important for your four-legged family member to feel their best. Unfortunately, they don’t know how important those things are to live a happier healthier life, but luckily, you do!

Therefore, you must to do these things for them! You can help by getting them vaccinated, following proper nutrition, parasite prevention, routine bloodwork and annual physical exams to see what their body is telling them. With proper care and preventative medicine, we often see the cats in our clinic comfortably living into their early twenties and the dogs into their late teens.

As a result of these success stories we’ve decided to start this blog. Our staff focus on what you might not know about your pet to help you understand your four-legged family members a little better. We want to help them live their longest, healthiest lives. Our goal is that you will enjoy reading our informative, factual, entertaining, sometimes anecdotal and personal thoughts and feelings, about the care we provide. As always please feel free to send us any questions or concerns you may have about your pets!


Happy Reading!

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