Customer Service Representative

Khadija Customer Service Representative

I have been working in the veterinarian field for less than a year but have really enjoyed my time here at Front Street Animal Hospital. I feel like I have been part of the FSAH family forever. I have a background as a child and youth worker and as a restaurant trainer so working with animals was not in my cards. When Covid hit I decided a change was due and what I knew was I wanted to work with animals. I got lucky and ended up with a job that combines my love for animals with my love for customer service.

I am really happy with my decision to pursue this path. It makes me happy to see a sick pet get better and the relief on a client's face when you give them good news regarding their pet. Our pets are family and they bring us love and joy, and it’s a bond that is worth fighting to ensure and I want to contribute to that.

Although I was not allowed to have a pet when I was younger, I always jumped at the opportunity to take care of the classroom pets. When I got older I got to live with different types of animals. I have so far lived with a frog, a pet rat, a fish, a snake, and a few dogs and cats. Out of all of them I fell in love with cats the most. I have one sweet boy named TJ but hope to adopt more.  In my free time I like to watch reality tv shows, read mystery thriller books and exploring the city.